Diana Calendar 2013

Where do you ship to?

Anywhere in the world: postage to the United Kingdom is free

How do I pay?

Online please pay via Paypal, secure way of transferring and very easy and safe to set up an account if you do not already have one


As these are personalised and limited edition prints there is no refund available. However, if there is any problem with your Diana Calendar 2013 please contact info@dianapatient.co.uk

Will my Diana Calendar 2013 be personalised if I do not order online?

Your Diana Calendar 2013 will have have an edition number on it regardless where you purchase but name personalisation will not be included. Also note, that online ordering, and therefore name personalisation, is available for a limited time only

How long will my Diana Calendar 2013 take to arrive?

Your Diana Calendar 2013 takes time to print and personalise so online orders will be shipped at the beginning of November 2012

I am buying more than one Diana Calendar 2013 online/my username on Paypal is a nickname/I am buying the Diana Calendar 2013 as a gift. How do I make sure that my calendar is personalised with the right name?

If your name differs to that given on your order form please send an email to info@dianapatient.co.uk with confirmation of your order and the names that you wish to appear on the calendar(s)

How will I access the Diana Calendar 2013 behind-the-scenes videos, extra photographs and features?

To access the Diana Calendar 2013 online extras you must purchase a Diana Calendar 2013. You will be given a unique code which will allow you to gain access to the videos, behind-the-scenes, tips and extra photographs from the 12 photoshoots. Exclusive to Diana Calendar 2013 owners